Our Country

This vast subcontinent is pulsing with the energy of life - vivid colours and celebrations, riveting contrasts and neverending diversity.

Ancient religious rites juxtaposed against 21st-century modernity, idyllic rural villages contrasting with the mesmerising bustle of major cities, pilgrims with nothing but the clothes they wear casting shadows on diamond merchants and BMW dealerships ... Wealth, abundance and regal status jostle with chaos, filth and poverty. Welcome to India.

India often enchants its visitors, some of whom return again and again to explore different regions and experience the surprising revelations of this fascinating country. Huge and impossible to categorise, India and its friendly, inquisitive people welcome travellers to enjoy the landscapes, the rituals, the intensity and the living heritage that can be found nowhere else.

Indians tend to focus on what is happening around them, what is affecting their lives and their karma. The strict caste system continues to have a strong influence on society, imposing order, but also placing obstacles in the way of social responsibility and fairer distribution of wealth. Contradictions, surprises and enigmas will all be part of your journeys through India.