Mystical landscapes, magical monasteries and the Thunder Dragon
The Kingdom of Bhutan is a Himalayan state like no other, and its cloud-wreathed mountains are the backdrop to an otherworldly atmosphere and traditional Buddhist life. Located between India and Tibet, and about the same size as Switzerland, this fascinating nation only has about 810,000 inhabitants, and greets its guests with dramatic landscapes and largely untouched wilderness that is perfect for trekking adventures. This diverse country combines snow-capped Himalayan peaks, rhododendron forests, dense jungle, and plunging valleys cultivated with jewel-green rice paddies. Visitors will also find a national park for yetis, idyllic villages, reverence for tigers, bustling markets and incredibly friendly, hospitable people. It is a country of lively contrasts, vivid colours, compelling spirituality and breathtaking beauty.

Accompanying its dedication to Buddhist ideals, Bhutan is also demonstrably committed to sustainable tourism and nature conservation. This devotion to eco-friendly policies is even part of the Bhutanese constitution. But even before legislated protection, all economic enterprises were subject to environmental evaluation, and today Bhutan is blessed with a uniquely inspiring natural heritage. The Druk, or Thunder Dragon, is part of Bhutanese mythology, and represents the spectacular thunderstorms that sweep down from the mountains.

There are also many vibrant festivals and religious holidays that travellers can experience to understand the many facets of life in Bhutan. During festivals the Bhutanese don exquisite national costumes to expel evil spirits and bring thrilling life to villages and towns. Displaying meticulously crafted masks and intricately designed outfits, the Bhutanese perform sword dances that have been handed down through generations. Against the grandeur of the heart-stopping mountain peaks, this is an experience no traveller will ever forget.