Group Tours

Our group tours are carefully curated to highlight the most interesting and exciting regions of India.

Quality India Tours also strives to create new routes and trips which take our travellers into little-visited areas. We want to introduce our guests to the many facets of India, and seek out experiences that get beneath the surface of the country and its people.

Experienced and enthusiastic guides accompany our groups from their arrival to departure. Our guides are state certified, and approved by the culture or tourism ministries. Many of our guides also have a degree in culture, history or sociology.

All guides speak at least two foreign languages, usually English and the native language of the travel group, and have several years of guiding experience.

Group size may vary according to requirements, from small groups of four up to groups of 30. In addition to our popular group expeditions, all of our trips can be organized for couples, families, friends or single travelers.

Individual Travel

After many years of planning, organizing and guiding individual trips for single travellers and small groups, Quality India Tours has developed special expertise.

Quality India Tours can organize trips specifically for individuals and small groups that take you well away from the beaten path. We happily cater to specific interests and can plan bespoke itineraries that deliver customised travel experiences. We have been successfully conducting these types of trips since 2008 and are particularly proud of high rebooking rates through our travel partners. For Quality India Tours this is confirmation of the excellence of our travel services, and motivation for continuing to devise new tour concepts.

Active and Adventure Travel

Quality India Tours also arranges excursions for guests who want more than the typical tourist highlights of India. We offer a range of adventurous activities which give insights into the lives of local people, and allow travellers to immerse themselves in the wonders of India.

We offer individual tours of national parks, where travellers will discover India’s diverse animals, and be awestruck by wild expanses, spectacular landscapes and antiquities.

Northern India is becoming a prime destination for active holiday of mountain biking tours or hiking. Hike with Quality India Tours in the Himalayas, visiting monasteries and lodging in homestays perched remote mountain villages. Or mount a bike and explore the rugged landscapes of north India with us. Quality India Tours offers active and adventure travel packages for individuals and small groups.

Yoga Trips

Our yoga trips demonstrate our goal of offering our clients authentic travel with an emphasis on fun, wellness and developing skills.

Quality India Tours carefully selects destinations and the accommodation, whether in resorts, ashrams or boutique hotels. We include popular destinations such as Rishikesh, Auroville, along with yoga centres in Goa and Kerala. In addition we offer homestays in small mountain villages of the Himalayas.

The course instructor is a critically important element. Quality India Tours works exclusively with certified and respected yoga teachers. It is also possible to choose a course instructor and Quality India Tours can support the trip with a tour guide.


On our specially designed pilgrimages - which encompass a number of faiths - we offer travelers the opportunity for a personal examination of the diverse religions of India.

Guests will visit Christian churches, places of pilgrimage and meet local practitioners for conversation and where possible participation in prayer and other services.

All pilgrimage expeditions are individually customized, planned and adapted to the wishes of the travellers.

Your Essential MICE Companion

Our dedicated MICE division is staffed by enthusiastic and experienced travel professionals who have the connections and creativity to plan and execute your MICE events flawlessly. The Quality India tours MICE team know how to take your ideas and make them happen in the right place, at the right price and with the right people

Successful MICE experiences are more than just venues and destinations. Imagination; engagement and impact – these are the three factors which transform themed functions and incentive group expeditions from so-so to sensational. No matter the type or size of event, we will always find innovative ways to create amazing and memorable gatherings which astound and delight. Our expertise has been recognised by the Indian Convention Promotion Bureau (ICPB) and our Managing Director is a professional member of the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE), demonstrating our commitment to delivering the very best in MICE organisation and execution.