Getting to know India on a single trip is almost impossible, the county is just too big, the impressions too overwhelming, and the various groups of people, too different. Its is very diverse. Getting to know India take effort and patience.

Quality India Tours helps through qualified tour guides to get to know the different destinations, starting in the north of India on the edge of the Himalayas over Rajasthan with impressive buildings of the Mogul era with mighty forts and fairy-like palaces to the barren beauty of the desert Thar.

The travels also lead through Central India with imposing buildings of different Indian dynasties and with nature reserves to relax to South India with evergreen vegetation, unique landscapes, impressive Hindu temples and fine sand beaches on the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean.

In addition, Quality India Tours organizes tailor-made trips to Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.

The different landscapes - from the Himalayan in the north to the tropical beaches in the south - have their own charm and a wealth of sights.


Captivating from the start!
Rajasthan overwhelms with an abundance of colors, infinitely many smells, friendly, cordial people and an almost unbelievable amount of buildings from different epochs.
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Variety without equal!

In the Himalayas, the sacred river Ganges is the source of the Hindus' life, as does no other natural phenomenon.

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Herbe beauty!

The most diverse rulers have shaped Central India, and have left lasting and impressive testimonies of history with the castles, palaces and temples.

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Palm trees, spices, mountains and sea!

The south of India is overwhelming with lush vegetation, its cordial people and a variety of beguiling.

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Gigantic and overwhelming!

Nepal is one of the most spectacular tourist destinations, not only because of the highest of the world, mainly because of a breathtaking landscape.

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Land of Buddhism and the mountains!

Bhutan is the last Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas, located between India and Tibet and about as large as Switzerland, with only about 810,000 inhabitants, expects its guests with great landscapes and a largely untouched nature.

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Pearl in the Indian Ocean!

Sri Lanka is mainly characterized by green landscapes, endless rainforests, mountainous regions with wide plains, a species-rich animal world and palm-fringed beaches directly on the Indian Ocean.

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